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A functional chimney is the most important part of your household. Its purpose is to redirect heat from the inside to out. Blockage of any sort in your chimney poses a threat to your safety, as accidental fires can break loose.

13 Signs of Blocked Chimney To Look Out For

Here are 13 warning indicators for you to identify chimney blockage.

Minimal or no draft

If you notice that your chimney is not pulling smoke or gasses out of your house as efficiently as it is used to, it may be a sign of a potential blockage.

Smoke filling the room.

Smoke inside your living space is evident. If you see smoke filling the room instead of going up the chimney, get your chimney flue checked.

Strange or foul smells

A strange or unpleasant smell from your chimney is a sign that something is blocking or preventing proper ventilation in your house.

Soot or creosote buildup

Soot is a powder or residue left after carbon burns and is usually seen in the fireplace and flue. If you can see a buildup of soot or creosote on your walls of the chimney, contact a professional for help.

Birds nesting in the chimney

More often than not, if your heating system stays put, birds often take the opportunity and build a nest for their young ones inside, blocking the entire structure.

Water leaks

Water leaking down from the chimney or water stains on the ceiling or walls near it is a major sign that your vent system is in trouble.

Difficulty in firing up

Creosote, soot, and nesting materials accumulation effectively block your chimney, decreaseing airflow. This results in a challenge for fire to start up since there isn’t enough oxygen.

Chimney damper is not opening or closing properly

A functional damper is crucial for airflow. If it does not open or close properly, the right amount of smoke does not go out, which results in trouble.

Diminished heating efficiency

If your heating efficiency decreases each passing day, it indicates a blockage in your chimney.

No airflow

If the airflow is blocked either due to nesting or anything else, it is difficult to start and maintain a fire.

Noisy chimney

Strange noises are not normal coming from your chimney. If you can clearly listen to a whoosh sound or flute-like background noise, contact your chimney sweep immediately.

Visible blockage

A visible block like leaves or debris easily dysfunctions the entire system.

Smoke comes Inside Home.

A chimney is supposed to direct smoke away from your house; it won’t do so if your pipe is clogged. This will lead to harmful gasses coming inside.

How to clear out chimney blockage?

There are a few methods that can clear a chimney blockage:

Identify the cause, and as soon as you do that, the next step becomes fairly easy. Usually, chimney clogs result from creosote buildup, animal nests, and debris.

  • Use a chimney brush to sweep the chimney.
  • A flue rod is effective in cleaning the area.
  • A chimney vacuum is effective if a brush or rod isn’t working.
  • Hire a professional chimney sweep.

Summing It Up

DIYs are very tempting, but it is important to stay cautious while clearing a chimney block. It is best to hire a professional chimney sweeper to do the job for you. Try one from Brusher’s Chimney in Sugar Land, TX. Dial (346) 258-3477 to connect with us.