A Short Guide To Chimney Restoration And Repairs-Part 2

Continuing our discussion on chimney restoration; here we will discuss how you can repair and replace any cracked bricks and the benefits of repairing your chimney.

If cracks have begun to appear within an individual brick, you will first need to clean the insides of the crack using a putty knife before cleaning the outside with a wire brush. Afterward, you will need to simply apply some high heat mortar to the crack.

However, if the crack within the brick is small or hairline cracks have begun to appear, you will be unable to use high-heat mortar. Hence you will need to use a brush to apply a masonry sealer to seal the crack.

If your roof and chimney are suffering from a water leak, we recommend a step flash to stop the water from flowing down and direct it towards its correct course. If the damage to the bricks is extreme, it would be best to remove the brick altogether. While removing and replacing a single brick is possible, it is difficult. Make sure there is no effect on the adjacent bricks. 

The first step will be to remove the brick. You will need a masonry chisel to tear through the mortar between the bricks. Remember to take your time and ensure that other bricks do not get damaged during the procedure. Once the mortar between the bricks is chipped away, you feel that the brick has loosened. If so, try to pull the brick slowly, but do not act in haste.

Now it’s time to replace the brick you just pulled out. First, you will need to butter the replacement brick with mortar using a small trowel. Next, you will need to push the brick in place and remove any excess mortar that you can find.

Now that you know the steps to restore and repair your chimney; let us discuss the benefits of repairing your chimney:

As we discussed in the earlier blog; a clogged chimney disrupts the airflow within your home, releasing harmful gases that can cause severe harm to you and your family into your home. Hence, repairing your chimney is beneficial to your mental and physical health and your family’s.

Due to a clogged chimney, smoke and ash can cause massive damage to your furniture, clothing, and rugs. Spending a little time and money on repairs can help you save a lot of money buying new furniture and carpets. An unrepaired chimney can cause damage to your roof; and water leaking through the outer brick and the flue can have a disastrous impact on roof systems and interior ceilings. If you do not opt to repair your chimney, there is a chance that this could damage the insulation and the floor.

In the previous blog, we discussed what creosote is and how it may affect your home and cause chimney fires if it isn’t regularly cleaned. During the chimney repairs, you will also get an opportunity to evaluate the creosote buildup. If you need help with your chimney restoration, Brushers Chimneys is happy to assist you. You can call us at (346)803-2981.