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Chimney Nest and Animal Removal in Houston, TX

The warmth of the chimney flue attracts a wide variety of animals. Similarly, during the winter, we humans begin to spend more time in the warmth of our homes and around the fireplace. Animals do not have the luxury of lighting a fire to stay warm. As Sugar Land’s temperature drops, they seek refuge in chimneys. You may need to look into chimney animal removal in Houston, TX if you suspect an intruder! These animals could be a significant issue for you and your family. They may cause “back puffing” or allow smoke that is supposed to go out to flow back into the home. With this article, we hope to provide valuable information for Houston, TX residents on how to be better prepared to deal with critters that find their way into chimneys.

Animals Found in Chimneys

It is a common misconception that animals fall into chimneys by accident. Animals that find their way into a chimney flue do so for a variety of reasons. However, most of the time, it’s on purpose to seek shelter. Many animals fly into chimneys to seek housing, protect themselves from the harsh elements of nature, or shelter and protect their young. Snakes, too, enter chimneys with a single goal in mind: to feed! They have an insatiable appetite due to their status as apex predators. They enter the chimney searching for birds, baby animals, and occasionally eggs laid by the birds who nest there. During a bad storm, other scared wild animals such as opossums, squirrels, and mice run into Chimneys. The issue with this scenario is that these animals find it difficult to leave on their own once the storm has passed.

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How do animals get into your chimney?

One of the most common reasons for animals entering your chimney or fireplace, and occasionally your living room, is a lack of a chimney cap. If you have a chimney cap, it will only deter animals if it is properly installed. A properly fitted chimney cap is required to ensure that critters do not live in your chimney.

How to Remove Animals from Your Chimney

Your first step should be to contact a chimney animal removal in Houston, TX specialist. Typically, removing dead animals from a chimney is a simple process. In the event of a living animal, most chimney animal removers use a powerful, non-toxic humane solution to ward off the animal when it does not budge on its own. This method is also affected by the type of animal and the circumstances.
Smaller animals are sometimes helped by dangling a rope down the inside of the chimney. The rope assists them to leave on their own. It is recommended that they use a rope with a larger diameter to help them climb out of the chimney.

Final Thoughts:

We recommend contacting professionals for chimney animal removal in Houston, TX. Fireplace and chimney. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to perform humane removals, clean up properly, and conduct thorough inspections.

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