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Choose the Right Chimney Flue Liner Kit

The flue lining is the layer of material that prevents smoke from your fireplace from leaking. If you don’t have a lining layer in your chimney flue, the smoke could leak through the flue. The smoke could leak outside or back in the house, rendering the flue useless. If you want proper exhaust, having a good lining is key. If your house was built before 1940, the chimney flue probably has no lining. Back then, people used to depend on the integrity of bricks and mortar. These chimneys used to work fine for years, but over time they would start leaking smoke and require mortar patches. Back then, there was no concept of chimney flue liners.

As technology progressed, people started to add a lining layer of clay and tiles that worked properly, but over time, even these would crumble and leak. Today with the help of technology, we have replaceable linings. These linings work with all kinds of chimney flues, whether your chimney is made of bricks, metal, or any other material. Linings are now tubes that run through the flue trapping all the smoke until it exits on the other end. Choosing the right lining can improve the way your chimney exhaust works.

Types Of Chimney Flue Liners

When your chimney is newly built, it gets a coating of concrete lining on the spot. If you have a brick and mortar chimney, it has a coat of special concrete that acts as a flue lining. This lining can last for decades but, over time, will crumble away. This is when you will need a replaceable flue liner for the chimney. If your chimney is Matelic, probably have a replaceable flue liner, and after some time, you can install a new one if needed. Make sure to hire a trusted chimney service to do the job for you.

Smooth Wall Double Construction
This is a more durable chimney that consists of double layers. A corrugated outer layer holds itself in place by gripping the wall, and a smooth inner layer that doesn’t allow excessive carbon accumulation. This chimney costs more but also lasts more because of having 2 layers. Cleaning this chimney flue liner is easier because of the smooth inner layer.

Corrugated Wall Sing Construction
This liner is a little less durable and harder to clean. Because it’s only one corrugated layer, it has a shorter lifespan, and more carbon accumulates on its wall. But it is not a bad option, because it gives you good savings and still can last 10 to 15 years.

What To Consider When Choosing Chimney Flue Liner Kit

If it’s the concrete lining, the quality of the concrete matters a lot. Smoke leakages are unacceptable because they can leak back into your house. If it’s a metallic liner, then the quality of the layers matters the most. You will need to clean the chimneys from time to time because carbon layers form over the lining. This carbon can interfere with the exhaust if you don’t clean it on time. We recommend choosing the smooth wall double construction as it lasts longer. If you want to save money, then the corrugated wall single construction is a good option.


Whichever flue liner for chimneys you choose, make sure it fulfills your needs. A good choice can save you decades of repair and replacement costs. Therefore this is an important decision for your home maintenance. If you need any service or advice regarding chimneys, contact Brushers Chimneys at (346) 258-3497.