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Setting up a new fireplace is a challenging task. Amongst many terms, “direct-vent” is most commonly heard. These vents are chimney free; sounds weird right? But trust us, they are quite a good addition to your home. Putting your money in a direct vent fireplace results in efficient and safe working.

What Makes Direct Vent Fireplaces Different?

A direct vent fireplace is a vented gas fireplace with a sealed glass firebox. It has the power of venting and setup, making it super-efficient for heating.

Moreover, its coaxial pipes get air from the outdoors to in for combustion instead of regular sucking of air and heat out of the room.

What is The Total Cost?

Direct vent fireplaces are somewhat less in cost compared to a B-vent fireplace. B-vent chimney systems need vertical venting via the roof, which ends along the roofline.

Now, because direct vent piping can be horizontally on the outside wall, it means less spending on expensive materials. This is because of less use of those materials.

Does Direct Vent fireplace heat as well as other gas fireplaces?

B-vent fireplaces heat in a better manner because their open firebox allows more flame visibility. Although, in reality, it is worse than direct vent gas fireplaces since they suck the air out of the room for combustion purposes.

How Many Styles Are There?

A gas fireplace may be perceived as unreal, but the advantage of artificial flame models is good styling options.

Direct Vent Fireplace – Advantages

You can’t put a name on it and pinpoint the best advantage. Their ease of installation, sizing options, etc. Here are some more reasons for putting your money on it.

Closed Unit –A standard open fireplace tends to lose around 75 percent of its generated heat out of the chimney; on the other hand, a closed direct vent fireplace does not have this issue.

As a matter of fact, all heat energy generated using a direct vent goes to the home with meticulous heat control for you to easily regulate it.

Efficiency –A closed unit direct vent fireplace mimics in terms of looks to a traditional fireplace; however, it works like a stove. It is made to burn using natural gas in the most efficient way possible.

Safety – They do not need a flue, so there is no need for chimney repair issues which it comes with. Moreover, you will not find creosote buildup, less carbon, or no backdraft.

Ease of Installation – In case of less space, the direct vent may use the roof to let air through. These fireplaces come in big or small models, which allow any space for accommodation.

Versatility – It goes with any kind of theme the homeowner is going through. There are multiple styles of direct-vent fireplaces available to choose from.

From traditional styles that go best with a traditional and homey decoration or simple and sleek design which goes with contemporary or minimalist home. You can get hold of a direct vent fireplace concerning the price or size.

Final Words

If you want direct vent fireplaces to be a part of your home, contact Brusher’s chimney for more information. We provide services all over Houston, Dallas, and adjoining areas in TX.