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Here Is A Step by Step Guide On How To Clean A Chimney

Maintaining a chimney isn’t easy, and if you are going to clean it on your own, you will need to take a few precautions. Here we will talk about how to clean a chimney on your own, what equipment and tools you will require, and what precautions you should take.

First, you are going to need a metal bristle brush for a clay flue liner and a second brush that has plastic bristles for a metal liner. 

You will also need a bendable noodle brush and a long-handled brush. You will use the noodle brush to clean the smoke shelf and the long-handled brush to clean the sides of the firebox. Now that you have all the necessary equipment, it’s time to begin. First, you will place a canvas tarp over the hearth and tape poly sheeting over the fireplace. Once you are done, seal the poly sheeting with some duct tape. Make sure to close all the windows and doors of your home. The soot mustn’t find a way back into your home. 

Now it’s time to begin cleaning the flue. You will need to ram your brush multiple times on the vent to get the soot out. Once you have completed the task, it’s time to move on to fireplace cleaning, right at the top of the chimney. You will need to add multiple rods and allow the hose to move down the chimney. Afterward, come back into your home and begin cleaning the firebox. 

There are two steps to cleaning a firebox. First, you will need to use the noodle brush to clean the smoke shelf, and later you will need the long-handled brush to clean the sides. Lastly, you will need to clean the poly sheeting and canvas tarp that you previously placed. If you find a heavy creosote buildup while cleaning your chimney, you will need to stop cleaning and call in experienced cleaners. 

There are multiple reasons why you need to clean your chimney regularly:


  • A buildup of creosote within the chimney can be hazardous for your home, and it may lead to chimney fires that could cause massive amounts of damage to your house.
  • If the chimney remains dirty, toxic gases such as carbon monoxide may enter your home. Carbon monoxide can cause memory loss, vision loss, and hearing loss. Hence, it is essential that you regularly clean your chimney. 
  • Your chimney is directly connected to your roof. If cracks begin to appear within the chimney, rainwater and snow can find a way to enter your home. Cleaning your chimney will also allow you to inspect your roof. If you find that cracks have begun to appear within your chimney, you will need to act swiftly.


Keeping your chimney clean is difficult, especially in cases of huge creosote buildup. Brushers Chimneys can help you clean your chimney or instruct you on how to clean it yourself. If you want to know how to clean a chimney or need any assistance, feel free to call us at (346)258-3497.