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How to Choose The Right Chimney Cleaning Kit?

Chimney cleaning is essential to ensure a long-lasting chimney. If you don’t clean your chimney linings on time, you will probably end up with damaged and leaked linings. The more you use your chimney, the more smoke it generates. Most of this smoke leaves the chimney through the flue and exits at the chimney top. But over time, some of this smoke accumulates on the chimney lining. You can clean all the smoke through a chimney cleaning kit. These kits are specially made to remove the layer of smoke-generated carbon off your chimney lining.

The more carbon accumulates on the lining, the harder it gets for smoke to pass through. This could force the smoke to flow into the house instead of the chimney flue. As you have different kinds of chimneys, you also have various cleaning tools and different methods. What type of chimney you have will dictate how you should clean it. The ultimate goal is to remove the layer of accumulated carbon from the lining, so it wouldn’t cause any trouble. You can clean the chimney yourself, but contact professional chimney cleaners if you want a more thorough result.

How To Choose The Right Chimney Sweep Kit

The decision is based on what type of chimney you currently have. Do you have a brick and mortar chimney or a metallic chimney? Both types of chimneys require different tools. In the case of metallic chimneys, the classification further expands into corrugated and non-corrugated. It is generally harder to clean corrugated chimneys as they have an uneven inner surface. You can clean non-corrugated chimneys easier as they have a smooth and straight inner surface. Non-corrugated chimneys accumulate less carbon compared to corrugated chimneys. So they all require different chimney cleaning tools.

Types Of Chimney Cleaning Kits.

Long Pole Cleaning Kit
This is a simple wire brush on the tip of a long flexible pole. Chimney cleaning is typically done from the top of the chimney. You need to slide the pole brush in and out of the chimney. Ensure you have a bag or cloth under the flue to catch the falling carbon. This will reduce the need for further cleanup. This kit is only usable when you have a straight chimney.

Rope and Brush Kit
This is also a simple kit of a wire brush attached to the edge of a long rope. The rope is hung from the top, and the brush is attached from the bottom. The person above will pull the rope through the flue. You can also attach multiple brushes for thorough cleaning. This is the right tool if you have a chimney flue with bends and turns.

Electrical Sweep Tool
This is an automatic cleaning tool. A brush of flexing plastic whips connects to the edge of a long pole. This pole connects to a rotating motor. As the power flows through the motor, it rotates the pole, hence rotating the whips. The whip lashes clean the chimney by impact.


Not cleaning your chimney will cause problems in the long term. So, either purchase your own chimney cleaning kit to do it yourself or contact some professionals like us to do the job for you. You can contact Brushers Chimneys any time at (346) 258-3497.