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Is Replacement Necessary For Bad Chimney Flashing?

Cramming up near the fireplace in winter is calming and cozy until water starts dripping from the sealing. A water leak from the chimney may be due to bad flashing; you need to get it looked at by a professional so that the problem can be resolved immediately.

Water Leak from Chimney Due To Bad Flashing

Commonly the reason for roofs leaking around chimneys is because of flashing issues at the junction point of the roof and the chimney.

Two types of flashings are used:

  1. Base or step flashing – one or more than one pieces attaching to the roof make an “L shape bend” along the side of your chimney.
  2. Counter flashing – covers the top part of your step flashing to not let water enter behind it. It is the portion usually visible to you from the ground or road.

How To Detect Bad Flashing Causing Chimney Leak?

  1. Strained roof near or encircling the chimney up to several feet.
  2. Leaks around the chimney.
  3. Rotting or softening of roof sheath surrounding the chimney over your roof.
  4. Warped shingles near the chimney.
  5. Water is leaking inside the house.

When Should You Ask For Chimney Flashing Replacement?

As soon as you start having problems with water seeping through a chimney wall, that’s your cue.

However, in case there is no vivid sign, still think about replacing your flashing before it creates a real menace. You cannot save it from rusting since your flashing is in direct contact with the water outdoors.

You can conveniently get a replacement while any other work is being done on your roof. It is ideal to look for chimney leaks while having shingles replaced or repaired.

In either case, chimney inspection (flashing) annually is beneficial to detect any sort of functional or structural problems to resolve them as soon as possible. A chimney inspector may recommend replacement when:

  1. Your roof flashing is missing.
  2. The chimney flashing is rusted thoroughly.
  3. The flashing is loose and about to fall off.
  4. Roofing tar on flashing.
  5. Flashing detached from the chimney.

If your inspector jots any of the issues mentioned above, the best route of action is full replacement.

Is Sealant Workable For a Leaking Chimney?

That depends on the type of leaks around your chimney. If they are small cracks, you can take help from various sealants. However, that, too, works as a temporary fix, and you certainly do not want to do anything fixed for the short-term.

On the other hand, you must know that cracks and leaks can go from mild to severe in a matter of time, and waterproofing sealant can work only for so long.

Final Words

If you remember an impact happening or spot damage to your chimney flashing or leaks, contact Chimney repair experts In Sugar Land, TX, from Brushers Chimney. Set an appointment today for an inspection by dialing (346) 258-3497