There Are Squirrels in My Chimney, Help!

Well, squirrels are known for their curious and adventurous nature, and what better place to explore than the inside of a warm, cozy chimney?

It’s like they’re saying to themselves, “Hey, what’s this tall, dark, and cylindrical structure? Let’s go check it out!” And before you know it, they’re sliding down the chimney like a giant fireman’s pole.

You may think that it isn’t big of a deal to have squirrels living in your chimney but trust our word, there are so many cons to letting these cute manifestations be.

Why Is It Not Safe Having Squirrels In The Chimney?

Having squirrels in your chimney can be dangerous for several reasons:

Fire hazard

Squirrels can build nests in your chimney, resulting in blockages and increasing the risk of a fire. The nests can easily ignite due to the sparks from the burning fire below.

Health risks

Although these tiny animals seem harmless, they are carriers of diseases such as rabies, easily transferable to humans and pets through bites or scratches. Squirrels also carry fleas, ticks, and other parasites that can spread diseases to humans.

Damage to Your Property

Squirrels can damage your chimney and roof in attempts to enter or exit your chimney. To do that, they won’t shy away from chewing on electrical wiring and other parts of your home, leading to costly repairs.


These tiny creatures are noisy and disruptive. They show aggression, especially if they are trapped in the chimney and are trying to escape. The noise from their scratching and scampering can be heard inside the home, causing a disturbance.

How To Get Rid of Squirrels in From Your Chimney?

Call The Professionals.

It is probably the best approach to deal with squirrels stuck inside your chimney, as

sometimes it is impossible to remove the squirrel yourself as they are in places you can’t get to without equipment. Getting professional help can save your lives and time.

Once you make the call, try these tips in the meantime.

Hush Them Out

Close your fireplace doors or use a screen to cover the entrance. Next, stand beside your fireplace and clap your hands to indicate the squirrel to leave.

If the squirrels are in the fireplace flue, close your damper. It will make entering your house difficult and urge it to leave its sneaky place.

Devise an Escape Plan

Try helping them out by giving them room to leave. Try to hang a thick rope down your chimney flue from the top. This will provide the squirrel with an obvious and easy route out of your chimney.

Trap It

If they are adamant about staying or cannot leave the chimney, try live-trapping it like a mouse. Make sure to close all your interior doors towards the room. Even if that squirrel gets space, it does not enter the house.

But, do leave one window in line of sight with the chimney for the trespasser. This ensures that squirrels can see a way out into the yard.

Final Words

Once you get rid of the intruder, cover your chimney up to avoid any further nuisance. You can always get in touch with professionals from Brusher’s Chimney in Sugar Land, TX, for help. Dial (346) 803-2981 to connect with us.