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The top of your chimney is the most vulnerable part of your chimney. This is the part that is continuously facing the elements on its own. The chimney top is defenseless against rain, winds, storms, and falling debris. It is also vulnerable to the wild, as any other animal which can reach your chimney top can nest on it or enter it. Now you not only have to keep your chimney top safe, but you also need to be mindful of the animals. One component of protection for your chimney is the Chimney cover plate.

As your chimney top is out in the open to face the elements, this part gets damaged first. Cracks from the top spread over time, reaching the walls and even the rooms. This will eventually cause rain to leak into your chimney and escalate the damage to your chimney flue. If Left unattended, the issues will render your chimney unusable until repaired. Another problem you can face is a bee’s or wasps’ nest. That is a horrific outcome for anybody. The cracks in the chimney top provide a perfect nesting ground for these scary bugs. So, you will need to keep that chimney top protected. If you haven’t already, then contact a chimney repair and installation service to get it done.

How To Choose The Right Flue Cover Plate

You can’t just install any cover plate for any chimney. When choosing a flue hole cover plate, you must be mindful of some factors. Here are the factors governing the decision:

Model Design
You mainly get 3 designs for the cover plates. These are circles, squares, and customized. The choice of square and circle is very self-explanatory. If your chimney has a circular outlet, the circle design is right for you, and if your chimney has a square outlet, the square design is right for you. If you want to customize your cover plate, you can, but people don’t do it for the design. The reason for customizing is to control the thickness, height, and alignment of the cover plate. The need for customization usually occurs when the chimney outlet is installed on a tilted roof.

Material Quality
The quality matters most. You must find a cover plate made of stainless steel or galvanized steel. The material and its quality will dictate how long the cover lasts. Also, keep in mind the thickness of the plate. Because if the plate is thin, it won’t be able to brace for an impact from something falling on it. The thickness will ensure that animals don’t scratch it or break in from it.


Keeping your chimney top protected is vital to make it last longer. Even a single crack can escalate to huge problems. Unless you protect the chimney top from the elements, you can not hope to have a long-lasting chimney. The chimney cover plate is the best protection for your chimney top. But its installation requires professional experience, so don’t try to DIY it and contact Brushers Chimneys at (346) 258-3477.