What Is a Fireplace Hearth? What Are Its Types?

Fireplaces and chimneys have been an essential part of our homes ever since rooftops became a thing. Fireplace hearths serve a valuable function and have been in use for more than three hundred millenniums. Whether cooking or heating the house in winter, fireplace hearths will always keep you warm. Having said that, do you know what exactly is a hearth? If not, we will discuss it in this blog.

What is a Fireplace Hearth?

A hearth is made of non-combustible materials like bricks, marbles, cement slabs, or stones. It extends in front of the fireplace, protecting your home from rogue sparks, embers, logs, and even radiant heat. Fireplace comes with the risk of fire that can burn down your house, but hearth helps protect them.

What are the Different Types of Fireplace Hearth?

You can find a variety of fireplace hearths, as many materials are used to build them. This allows you to go for a material that suits the aesthetics of your house. Therefore, you can find multiple options to choose from when selecting a fireplace hearth. Some common materials for building a fireplace hearth include:

  • Granite
    Granite hearths are gaining popularity among homeowners. You can find it in different patterns and colors, giving you several options to choose from. Moreover, it is a safe choice for a wood-burning fireplace hearth.
    When it comes to price, granite hearths are a mid-range option.
  • Marble
    Marble also comes in multiple styles and colors. Created from limestone, a marble fireplace hearth is likely to chip. In addition, it is heat-resistant and easy to clean. You can also use it with gas, electric, and wood fires. However, they are among the most expensive hearths out there.
  • Ceramic
    The ceramic fireplace hearth is one of a kind. This is another type of hearth you can use with electric, gas, or wood-burning fireplaces. Moreover, it resists heat and is easier to clean. You can customize these hearths to match the d├ęcor of your house, choosing from the plethora of colors, patterns, and finish available.
  • Brick
    A brick fireplace hearth does not come with a long list of designs and customizations. But you can use it for wood-burning, gas, and electric fireplaces. Not only this, but it is a common choice for homeowners who maintain their fireplace hearth by themselves.
    Keep in mind that hiring a professional chimney repair and maintenance company is a better and safer option than doing it yourself.
  • Slate
    You can find slate in many colors, like red, gray, black, and even multicolored. It is a sedimentary rock material that can last for years. Furthermore, it has an uneven texture that is prone to breaking under the heat of a wood-fueled fire. Hence, you should use it with electric and gas fires only. In regards to price, slate costs more than limestone but less than granite, marble, or soapstone.

What is the Takeaway?

Nowadays, fireplace hearths are not just used for cooking or warming up the house. They serve more functions and are a valuable part of the fireplace, as it helps protect against fires. Among other qualities, what many might love about hearth is that it comes in many different materials and options.

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