When Should You Go For Level 2 Inspection of the Chimney?

We know that you must be sweeping clean your chimney and fireplace almost every day, but even then, there are chances of issues arising that may need repair. So, getting yours examined is one of the best ways to maintain it. Standard chimney inspection has 3 levels. What makes level 2 chimney inspection different from 1 and 3; let’s find out.

What Is Chimney Inspection and Why Is It Important?

When one opts for a chimney inspection, the professional takes a deep look at the interior and exterior portion of the chimney.

Usually, buyers often assume that home inspections include chimneys by an expert too. However, that is not the case unless you as for it. This error is dangerous and can be a big consequence in the future since thousands of fires happen because people thought their chimneys and fireplace were safe.

Why Does Level 2 Chimney Inspection Hold So Much Importance?

A level 2 chimney inspection is essential after certain modifications are made to the system. Changes include the replacement of the type of fuel you use, like switching from wood burning to gas.

Alteration to the shape or flue material, i.e., relining or adding an appliance which may not be the same input or efficiency.

Moreover, since level 2 inspection of the chimney system is extensive, it is mandatory upon the sale or purchase of a property or also after malfunction or external event to have caused damage to the chimney.

Level 2 chimney inspection is warranted in the following cases:

  1. Building fires
  2. Chimney fires
  3. Earthquakes
  4. Other weather-related events

What Does Level 2 Chimney Inspection Include?

During Level 2 inspections, the chimney expert will need access to your attic and basement to see whether there are any signs of a chimney leak or other problems.

Moreover, a custom-made camera is suspended for inspection, giving a closer view of the entire chimney flue from top to bottom.

The video camera finds any flue liner damage that may be present. It is an essential safety issue to ensure that the chimney flue is free of any defect.

Next comes the exterior chimney examination; professionals look for moisture damage there which needs immediate repair.

A level 2 inspection does include a level 1 too.

We would like to add that inspection of this level does not include demolition equipment at all. Not even to open and check doors, panels, or even coverings. There is no destruction of the chimney or building structure; so, the finish remains exactly how it was.

Final Words

If you are planning to buy a property, make sure to check the level 2 examination report of your potential property’s chimney. Drop by Brusher’s Chimney if you live in Sugar Land, TX. Or, give us a call at (346) 803-2981 to connect with us.