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Chimney Removal in Houston, TX

Removing an old chimney is a good move toward making a home healthy and energy-efficient. This project can be a costly and lengthy undertaking because, often, the chimney structure is load-bearing. If done wrong, it can cause severe structural damage to your home. Before removing your chimney, you should first understand if it’s the right move for your home in terms of cost, safety, and structural integrity.

What are the top reasons to remove an old chimney?

There are six main reasons for removing an old chimney: heat loss through the chimney flue, heat loss through conduction, reclaiming space in the home, roof leakage, a damaged chimney stack, and ordinances and certifications.

Losing heat through the chimney flue:

An unused and unsealed chimney wastes energy like a small opened window. Even a sealed chimney is losing air through the masonry or any gaps in the seal.

Losing heat through conduction from heating the thermal mass of the chimney stack:

Stonework is a fantastic conductor of indoor space heating, which is wasted when the chimney stack is sticking out the top of your roof.

Reclaiming wasted space in the home:

Chimneys can take up large amounts of floor space inside a house, particularly larger chimneys. Removing the chimney breast from multiple floors can be a game-changer for homes short of space.

Roof leakage:

Chimneys are one of the most common causes of roof leaks, and this risk increases as the chimney ages.

A damaged chimney stack:

Chimneys are skinny pillars exposed to the elements, so, unsurprisingly, they are prone to damage. A damaged chimney can cause water leaks, air leaks, and the risk of falling debris.

Ordinances and certifications:

Since chimneys are often a source of emissions and pollution, some cities don't allow them in their building code. If you're seeking a home certification like LEED, check to make sure the fuel source for your fireplace doesn't cost you LEED points.

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Is it a good idea to remove an unused chimney?

Yes, it is generally a good idea to remove an old chimney. An unused chimney can cause serious problems, including heat loss, roof leaks, and wasted space in the home.

Even in-use chimneys are only sometimes the best option as a primary heating source. Wood-burning fireplaces send 85% of their energy out of the chimney. Gas fireplaces aren’t much better, with new literature linking natural gas appliances to dangerous levels of nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide.

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