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Chimney Caps & Spark Arrestors in Houston, TX

What Is A Chimney Spark Arrestor?

Spark arrestors in Houston, TX, as their name suggests, are kind of like little prison boxes for embers that come up with the smoke from your chimney. The job of these contraptions is to catch the embers, so they don’t fly up and land on your roof. Additionally, it prevents the embers from landing in trees or on dry grass and starting large fires!

Is A Chimney Cap A Spark Arrestor?

A chimney cap is not a spark arrestor although the two do go hand in hand. Chimney caps are designed to provide protection to your chimney from rain and snow. Their job is to keep out such weather elements to prevent flooding. Additionally, they prevent moisture build up in your chimney that can lead to mold.

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Why Is It Important To Have A Spark Arrestor?

If you have a chimney, you absolutely need a chimney spark arrestor. This is because chimney spark arrestors protect your home from fires. Without a chimney spark arrestor, you’re more likely to end up with damage to your home. Spark arrestors also help prevent sparks from going back down your chimney. This prevents chimney flue fires which can be fatal to your family!

Do I Need A Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps are needed regardless of where you live. However, they are particularly needed in areas like Houston, TX because this area receives heavy storms and sometimes even tornadoes. You want to protect the integrity of your chimney as much as possible. Hiring someone to install a chimney cap or even repair your chimney cap will ensure that water doesn’t build up in your chimney flue or even your home.

How much does it cost to install a chimney cap in Houston, TX?

Pending your chimney and the company you choose to do the installation; the average cost is around $300. The process to install a chimney often doesn’t take more than a few hours. However, if your chimney cap is currently damaged, it may take longer. Your installation experts want to protect your chimney and by proxy your home. So, they take their time, but they get the job done in an efficient manner that is best for your specific job!

How much does it cost to install/replace a spark arrestor?

The process of installing a spark arrestor will cost roughly $300. However, it’s an investment that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages if you don’t have one. Spark arrestors need to be replaced, but not often. Essentially, most companies replace spark arrestors the same time they replace chimney caps. So typically, you’ll have both inspected at the same time. This is often every five years!

Final Thoughts

Chimney caps and spark arrestors in Houston, TX are a vital part of your chimney’s foundation. Without a chimney cap, you’ll likely experience flooding as well as moisture build up in your chimney. Such build up can lead to mold spores that can make your family sick. Chimney spark arrestors are equally as important as they help prevent fires from starting on or around your chimney. Your job is to enjoy your fireplace and let a team of highly trained professionals replace or install your chimney caps and spark arrestors in Houston, TX.

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